Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life and death

 So. Melanie and Dylan decide to have another child.
When Dylan has learning about another pregnancy he asked Mel to marry him

 Melanie has long urged him, she talked about her fears about the curse that lies on the house
but Dylan did not want to hear about it, and in the end she agreed.
 Soon they had a boy. He was named Kristof
Lovers have decided to postpone the wedding until he grows up a bit
Mel has gathered the entire collection MySims Trophies
Mallory learns to draw
 Dylan learning to play guitar
And here is Kristof.  Cute boy.
So a wedding soon? Hey! What this does Kevin in the kitchen at night?
I think he is poured something into the juice? Strange...
 No, Dylan! Do not drink it! Oh my...
It seems that the wedding is canceled
 And here is Dark Ninja Death
Mel came home from work when Dylan is gone. 
 And no one can prove that Kevin had conspired with Soulreaper
 Farewell Dylan! Rip

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