Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life and death

 So. Melanie and Dylan decide to have another child.
When Dylan has learning about another pregnancy he asked Mel to marry him

 Melanie has long urged him, she talked about her fears about the curse that lies on the house
but Dylan did not want to hear about it, and in the end she agreed.
 Soon they had a boy. He was named Kristof
Lovers have decided to postpone the wedding until he grows up a bit
Mel has gathered the entire collection MySims Trophies
Mallory learns to draw
 Dylan learning to play guitar
And here is Kristof.  Cute boy.
So a wedding soon? Hey! What this does Kevin in the kitchen at night?
I think he is poured something into the juice? Strange...
 No, Dylan! Do not drink it! Oh my...
It seems that the wedding is canceled
 And here is Dark Ninja Death
Mel came home from work when Dylan is gone. 
 And no one can prove that Kevin had conspired with Soulreaper
 Farewell Dylan! Rip

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Margo marriage

What's the news in the Buff family? To start with Mallory is already a cute girl.
She is sociable and friendly. Mallory made friends easily.
This is her best friend Johnny.
Margo in despair. All her flirty look, all attempts of seduction -  
does not work and only spoil their friendship with Tom.
 When she decides to unwind at the bar with friends she meets Chen.
It seems that Chen clearly flirting with her.
So Margo decides to invite Chen to her birthday party
Her deep desire was to get married and live separately.
 After all, she is now an adult.
And at the party Margot discovered a terrible thing. 
Tom seemed staring languid eyes on their common friend Steve.
When the party was in full swing 
Kevin brought Margo a strange drink and said 
that he will fulfill her wish before dawn. 
Chen did not see the ghost crept behind.
Margo not known what Kevin did with Chen, 
but he literally struck down her with his romantic attack.
And a few hours later they were already in the bed.
Dramatic appearance of Kevin decided to up the battle.  
He said that Chen had defiled his granddaughter and they should immediately get married.
 Chen did not resist.
And at dawn they were declared husband and wife.
Margot packed up and moved to her husband.  
From now her surname is Barlow. And perhaps she is already pregnant.  
Congratulations to the bride and groom on their happy union! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Love is all around me

Life goes on and soon Melanie meets her love. 
This is Dylan. Mysterious and unpredictable man.
What a beautiful couple! Do you hear the music?
The author croons...
I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes,
 Love is all around me And so the feeling grows...
 You know I love you, I always will,
My mind's made up by the way that I feel
There's no beginning, there'll be no end
'cause on my love you can depend

Night of love is not passed without effect on Mel. Kurtis meets a future member of the family.
Kevin just pissed. But Melanie says that she wants to have more children from Dylan.
And sends Kevin go to hell ... Although her desire hardly feasible. 
Kurtis becomes a teenager. What a handsome young man.
 He loves to fish and wants to be an Angling Ace.
There is nothing better than to meet the dawn on the river with a fishing pole.
 Let me introduce you to another member of the family Buff. 
Little girl was named Mallory (the unfortunate one, the unlucky one).
Margo is very busy. She wants to win the heart of Tom. 
 She fell in love with him when she was a little girl.
 But still they are just friends, despite all the efforts of Margo.
Kevin even afraid to go for a visit, after Margo pounced on him with kisses.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life Goes On

Margo and Kurtis were very good friends
despite the fact that Margo was not a favorite of the family.
 Kevin often came to visit and was usually in a friendly mood.
Margo, as she told Kurtis looks met the love of life.
Shhh! - it's a secret.
Mel celebrated her entry into real adulthood.
Her dream was to lose weight. And the kids got some potion.
Terrible taste - but look at the result !!!
 Margo grow up quickly and turned into a charming girl.
Mom and daughter look like sisters.
 Matthew swore eternal love when he saw the Mel converts.
Unfortunately this was their last meeting. A few days later Mat went into another world.
At this moment there is the first meeting Margo and the Death.
 Mel has dedicated a song for Matthew and sold it. The whole family mourns loss.
But Life Goes On...