Thursday, November 20, 2014

Margo marriage

What's the news in the Buff family? To start with Mallory is already a cute girl.
She is sociable and friendly. Mallory made friends easily.
This is her best friend Johnny.
Margo in despair. All her flirty look, all attempts of seduction -  
does not work and only spoil their friendship with Tom.
 When she decides to unwind at the bar with friends she meets Chen.
It seems that Chen clearly flirting with her.
So Margo decides to invite Chen to her birthday party
Her deep desire was to get married and live separately.
 After all, she is now an adult.
And at the party Margot discovered a terrible thing. 
Tom seemed staring languid eyes on their common friend Steve.
When the party was in full swing 
Kevin brought Margo a strange drink and said 
that he will fulfill her wish before dawn. 
Chen did not see the ghost crept behind.
Margo not known what Kevin did with Chen, 
but he literally struck down her with his romantic attack.
And a few hours later they were already in the bed.
Dramatic appearance of Kevin decided to up the battle.  
He said that Chen had defiled his granddaughter and they should immediately get married.
 Chen did not resist.
And at dawn they were declared husband and wife.
Margot packed up and moved to her husband.  
From now her surname is Barlow. And perhaps she is already pregnant.  
Congratulations to the bride and groom on their happy union! 

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