Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Life Goes On

Margo and Kurtis were very good friends
despite the fact that Margo was not a favorite of the family.
 Kevin often came to visit and was usually in a friendly mood.
Margo, as she told Kurtis looks met the love of life.
Shhh! - it's a secret.
Mel celebrated her entry into real adulthood.
Her dream was to lose weight. And the kids got some potion.
Terrible taste - but look at the result !!!
 Margo grow up quickly and turned into a charming girl.
Mom and daughter look like sisters.
 Matthew swore eternal love when he saw the Mel converts.
Unfortunately this was their last meeting. A few days later Mat went into another world.
At this moment there is the first meeting Margo and the Death.
 Mel has dedicated a song for Matthew and sold it. The whole family mourns loss.
But Life Goes On...

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