Thursday, November 6, 2014

8 days or the Path to Adulthood

Challenge parameters: (Roll)
1 Generation 

1. Marital Status - single
2. Number of Children - 4
3. Career - Entertainer (Musician Branch)
4 The goal of generation - collector
Mel living conditions could not be called pleasant. To stay clean, she had to use public showers at the gym, because she did not have opportunity to purchase a shower cabin.
 Mel also had to get a part-time job in the store... 
But still this is not enough money to buy food and pay the bills.
And Mel more often joins the people who roast hot dogs in the park. 
 And when is nobody in the park she has to spend money on food...Such wastefulness!
But she's still half-starved...And hunger becomes an essential attribute of existence.
She learned to play the blues. And now people do not frown when she plays the guitar. 
 Especially they like her performance with the song "Lost My Burger". Mel even earn 17$...

By the way, now Melanie believes in ghosts.
And she hates the night - because the spirit of Kevin visits her almost every night. 
He says that this land is an ancient spell and now 10 generations of my descendants  
will have to live in this area and have inherited this land. Absolutely crazy...
I planted flowers on his grave - maybe that ghost stop bothering me?
Mel finally met a muscular guy from the gym. His name is Axel Presley.
It was not easy to get his attention.  Some girls are always hanging around him ...

 But I am persevering girl - so we have progressed to the stage of the first kiss.
Mel so often engaged in search of treasure ... Young digger.
 Most of the things she produced for the collection. And just repeating things she sells.
Because paying bills becomes more difficult
 And toilet was broken...
 But Mel is already adult and she is not afraid of any difficulties. 
 It's time to start a career and realize her dreams.
I generate her 3 trait from her father who created her in CAS

Generated Traits: 

Child Trait: Hot Headed  

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