Saturday, November 8, 2014

Becoming pregnant

One night after an excellent date with Axel the ghost woke me up.
Kevin broke the toilet again...
MELANIE: - I hate you, nefarious ghost! Why do not you leave me alone?
KEVIN : - I do not like your boyfriend, Mel!  
 He is not suitable for the role of the father of your future children!
MELANIE: - You're crazy! I do not even think about children yet! 
KEVIN : - You should think about it! Otherwise, your spirit as mine will never rest in peace! 
Besides, you have no choice. These are the rules... 
MELANIE: - I don`t want to hear about any rules!
 I tried to sell this damn land, but you're scared all the customers! 
KEVIN : - You better calm down, dear. 
And listen to me. We're connected to you, we are on the same team
And I know what I'm saying. It is time for you to have a baby. 
Not every child can become the heir, so it is better to have extra time.
MELANIE:  - But it seems to me, I have no one suggest to get married! 
KEVIN : -  Marriage? Nobody talks about marriage!  
You'll never get married, sweetheart. You are mine...
But we need the heirs of flesh and blood. So you have to get pregnant.
  Melanie was clearly furious from such instruction.  
The conversation ended in a fight. Oh, Mel, fight with ghosts such senseless...

But all attempts to resist the Kevin`s wiles ended in complete failure for Melanie. 
He spoiled her relationship with Axel,  
he would not let her sleep at night, that ghost complicates her already difficult life.
Mel was desperate from powerless rage.
But eventually she decided to submit to her fate ... and Kevin.
 Meet with Matthew. He's a friend of Axel and Melanie.
According to Kevin - he is a suitable candidate.
/// no cheats - Mel knew his traits in the game///

But it turned out to seduce Matthew is not an easy task.
He was a devoted friend of Axel.
MELANIE:  -  Kevin told me how to use an old doll that I excavated.
With a few spells I managed to set up a romantic mood for Matthew.
MELANIE:  - A date was wonderful!
If I had not pursued the the thought that I was mated as the mare 
I would fall in love with Matt. 
 We met in the evening and rented a room in a hotel. 
Again and again, until I got pregnant.  
Even if I wanted a normal marriage, and Matthew do not mind this
we could not get married and live together.

Kevin was pleased. He was thoughtful enough and  Mel sleep well.
Mel managed to save some money to buy a crib and  make some changes in the house.

Soon the girl was born
Kevin said that only children opposite sex сan inherit the every generation.  
So Margo is not heir. And Melanie soon again have to get pregnant...

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