Sunday, November 9, 2014

The best is yet to come

Mel is a young mother now. She works day and night,
and this place is looks more like a human house.
 Melanie very quickly put on weight after delivery. Her reflection hardly fit in the mirror.
She learns to play the piano at the club after work.

And Margo is growing by leaps and on hours.
She is Goofball and very active girl.
But time passes and it's time to think about the heir.  
Never mind that Mel is now twice more weighs than before. 
Voodoo doll will create the right mood. And Matthew simply do not have other choice ...
Looks like Mel tired of being pregnant...
 Matthew sometimes comes to visit his daughter. They have a great relationship.
 Finally, in the family of another child was born. That's a boy! His name is Kurtis.
  Therefore he will be the heir! And now everything is subordinated to his well-being
Kevin worships this child.
 This ghost is no longer frighten and breaking the furniture and now he washes dishes at night.
Kevin and Margo have something like a a truce.
But mutual dislike still present.
And here's the young heir. Hot-headed, but very smart child.
Kevin prepares him for the role of the heir.

Mel decided to regain her old form, and started running in the mornings.
The best is yet to come...

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